Certified JOYELY Ambassador Program

We would like to extend a special invitation for you to become a Certified JOYELY Ambassador!

Becoming a Certified JOYELY Ambassador opens a world of exciting possibilities and opportunities.

Benefits of The Certified JOYELY Ambassador Program Include:

  • Enhance your credibility and recognition.

  • Boost your programs and sales with a supportive framework.

  • Use fun, science-backed tools for lasting results and growth.

  • Connect with a like-minded community for expanded possibilities.

  • Explore new revenue opportunities through collaborations.

  • Get event support from JOYELY's marketing team.

JOYELY Certification: Why We Need Practitioners to Teach JOY as a Core Life Skill What We Believe at JOYELY:

  • You can always count on joy.

  • Joy transcends happiness.

  • Personal alignment to joy drives confidence,

  • courage, and clarity.

  • Joy expands life experiences.

  • Joy is a personal and corporate responsibility.

  • Joy is infectious.

  • Joy has a measurable impact through scientific insights.

This offer is prepared for current JOYELY Ambassadors, coaches, leaders, and those interested in creating joy as a core life skill.

Certification Program

This is what so many have been asking for! We are excited to bring you in depth training and instruction on the principles and science of the Chair of Joy Experience and how to use the Chair of Joy in various way to amplify your impact in the world.

In-Person Retreat

As part of this exclusive group, you will have the opportunity to attend our three day retreat in Las Vegas, together with our graduates of the first certification group. This retreat is designed to provide an immersive experience with a formal certification celebration, LIVE workshops, connection of other ambassadors and an opportunity for you to practice your presentation of the Chair of Joy principles.

Continued Learning and Support

Certified Ambassadors will continue to receive 12-months of support with the monthly JAM calls and monthly Mastermind calls. We also provide branded marketing assets, designed to make marketing your programs and events seamless.

JOYELY Certified Ambassadors are Leaders of JOY!

If you are interested in standing out from the crowd, being cutting-edge, and showing people how to access, sustain, and maintain their joy, this program is for you.

Knowledge & Tools for Success

The first step in becoming a Leader of Joy is attaining an in-depth knowledge of the science and principles of Joy. This training will empower you with the research and tools for you to implement the full potential of Joy in your life and business. Use our coveted Chair of Joy Experience to elevate your workshops and events. .

JOYELY Implementation Workshop

This 8 hr. workshop is custom curated by Certified Ambassador, Lucie Hautreaux, who spent 15 years helping people transform their lives through number. She now helps them transform their lives through structure, strategy and gives them the support they need to make confident decisions about their lives and enjoy the freedom that structure can bring.

Solution-based Masterminds

Equipped with the knowledge and tools for success, our monthly Ambassador Masterminds help you apply your knowledge to your specific challenges. Gain solutions that are founded in joy and elevate your success. Joy is universal, and therefore our mentors and ambassadors focus on solutions founded in the principles of joy.

A Supportive Community of Joy

We know that in building something new we can sometimes feel isolated. Our community of ambassadors and mentors provide connection, accountability, collaboration, and event support to ensure your Joyful success! Benefits such as cross promotion and global recognition is available as well.

Our Knowledge and Tools Provide A Clear Guide on How to Leverage JOY for Your Success.

Why Joy Works (the Science)

Joy works because there are universal principles, supported by research, that govern our results. When you understand the science behind the principles of the Chair of Joy, you are empowered to achieve your full potential in life and business, as well as show others how to do the same.

Overcoming the Barriers to Joy

As a Certified Joyely Ambassador, you will learn the objections to joy that arise and how to overcome them. Joy is universal, and when we can see beyond the limitations, we can exponentially impact our success and the success of our clients.

The Practice of Joy for Success

By investing in a continuous practice of joy, you can and will see your full potential for achieving success. Certified Ambassadors are trained in the simplicity of the Chair of Joy Experience and other practices that help rediscover their spark, ignite momentum and build a life long companion with Joy.

Introductory Pricing to Become a JOYELY Certified Ambassador

20 spots available!

Transform Your Leadership and Impact with JOY!

Seize the opportunity to propel your success to new heights as a Certified JOYELY Ambassador.

Hear From Our Certified Ambassadors

Your JOYELY Certification Guides

Introductory Pricing to Become a JOYELY Certified Ambassador

20 spots available!

Transform Your Leadership and Impact with JOY!

Seize the opportunity to propel your success to new heights as a Certified JOYELY Ambassador.

Sheryl Lynn

CEO & Founder

Sheryl Lynn, the founder of JOYELY has spent decades working on the idea of how of to activate and sustain joy. From trauma she witnessed as a child, to a difficult divorce and custody battle to the heart-wrenching mass shootings in her community, her desire for healing and joy as been a life long journey. Her fearless determination to create a solution for the pain, anxiety, depression and loneliness in this world has brought her to leading a global MOVEMENT OF JOY!

"Everyday I choose to live JOYELY, sitting in my Chair of Joy™ many times daily, embracing my gifts, and elevating the lives of those I touch. My story stands as a testament to the transformative power of joy – an innate force within each of us that has the potential to shape a life filled with laughter, adventures, and meaningful experiences."

Get ready to hear Sheryl's journey and learn about the foundation of JOYELY and all that the movement of JOY can do in your lives and others!

Jennifer Cavender

Director of Culture

As the JOYELY Culture Director, Jennifer has been the driving force behind the creation of the Ambassador Certification. At the end of a 21 year corporate career as a CPA, Jenn discovered the power of a positive mindset in the workplace and began building a life and business from a place of JOY, instead of from the place of responsibility, safety and unworthiness, that had been foundational to her corporate career. Her love for the science and research that supports that principles of JOYELY is apparent in the way she passionately delivers the training modules.

"Witnessing the growth and adaptation of the Chair of Joy and JOYELY principles among our ambassadors has been nothing short of incredible. It's been remarkable to see how quickly they have embraced the concepts and integrated them into their lives and businesses."

You will love having Jennifer guide you in the principles and science of the Chair of Joy Experience!

Rebecca (Becs) Gold

Strategic Innovator

Rebecca Gold, is the strategic support that keeps all the pieces of JOYELY together and moving forward. Her background in running and coaching family owned businesses gives her a unique ability to identify challenges and solve problems with Joy. She is consistent about her intentions to implement an element of fun and play into whatever she does.

"Undergoing the 12-hour certification journey with the other ambassadors not only deepened my understanding of joy but also empowered me to integrate these principles into my professional practice. As a result, I'm more equipped than ever to inspire and guide my clients towards living their dreams fearlessly."

Gear up for a fun and engaging experience as Becs guides you in the conducting the Chair of Joy experience for your clients, family and friends.

Debbie Prediger

Strategic Partnership

As a strategic partner with JOYELY, Debbie brings her expertise in building communities, empowering individuals and leading them through a journey of joy and success. Her diverse experience in everything from healthcare to IT to empowerment coaching

make her a valuable leader and guide for your JOYELY journey. And as a highly intuitive and heart-centered leader, she brings an element of safety, and compassion to every setting.

"I love helping others navigate challenges and embrace the Chair of Joy practice fully. It is so rewarding to see how the Chair of Joy has helped individuals set intentions, overcome obstacles, and celebrate successes."

You will be amazed and delighted as Debbie leads you on an exploration of what your empowered JOYELY journey could look like.

More Testimonials from Certified JOYELY Ambassadors

Kim Bowers

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

The Certified JOYELY Ambassador Training was an incredible journey. As the Founder of the Be Lighter Lifestyle, I found the program perfectly aligned with my mission of promoting mind-body wellness. The insights gained, especially on using the Chair of Joy experience as a powerful reset for any moment of the day, are invaluable for my coaching practice. I'm eager to integrate JOYELY tools and concepts, like the Chair of Joy, into my programs. I highly recommend this training for anyone seeking to live joyfully, to embrace overall wellbeing and/or to add depth to an existing business or organization.

Lucie Hautreux

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

Completing the Certified JOYELY Ambassador Training was truly enriching. As someone serving seasoned entrepreneurs, JOYELY's mission to provide structure deeply resonated with me. The training structure was excellent, and the facilitators were highly effective—knowledgeable, focused, and relatable. The insights gained have equipped me with invaluable tools for my work. Personally, I've learned to remember that I am the creator of my own joy, and the concept of the Chair of Joy resonates deeply with me. Overall, the training has deepened my understanding of the principles of JOYELY, and I'm excited to apply these insights and to connect with people worldwide.

Leslie Moody

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

After completing the Certified Ambassador Training, I feel an urgent sense of energy and clear direction for my future! The structure of the training was fantastic, and the time commitment was definitely manageable. I felt supported and engaged with effective and understanding facilitators. I've gained confidence and clarity and am eager to use the JOYELY principles to help others find their direction. Overall, this training has equipped me to turn my passion into a fulfilling career. It taught me to use the Chair of Joy principles and practice more deeply to continue growing balance, focus, and purpose in all areas of my life. I couldn't be more grateful for the experience

Deanna Leonard

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

As a JOYELY Ambassador, I am grounded in a better understanding of how to choose the joy that lives inside us. Joyely understands the science of joy and the movement they have launched is changing the world!

Minx Boren

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

As a JOYELY Ambassador, I am grounded in a better understanding of how to choose the joy that lives inside us. Joyely understands the science of joy and the movement they have launched is changing the world!

Sara Chevalier

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

As a JOYELY Ambassador, I am grounded in a better understanding of how to choose the joy that lives inside us. Joyely understands the science of joy and the movement they have launched is changing the world!

Margot Hallman

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

Participating in the Certified JOYELY Ambassador Program was a game-changer for me. As someone dedicated to inspiring others and fostering joy in my work with patients, colleagues, and students, JOYELY's mission resonated deeply with me. The training equipped me with invaluable tools to amplify joy in both my personal and professional life. From enhancing my understanding of JOYELY's principles to integrating the Chair of Joy concept into my coaching practice, I've experienced a profound transformation. I'm now better equipped to spread joy and make a positive impact wherever I go. Thank you, JOYELY, for this empowering journey!

Jessy Heredia

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

JOYELY has been a transformative experience for me as a working mother, professional and as a human being. Their structured program provided the tools I needed to reset after my divorce. JOYELY allow me space to redefine myself with clarity and purpose. Through JOYELY, I've found a renewed sense of purpose, community and tools that have inspired me to pursue my dreams of coaching to women and children using the “Chair of Joy” simple steps. I'm deeply grateful for the support and guidance JOYELY has provided on my journey.

Carolina Miggliacio

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

Participating in the Certified JOYELY Ambassador program has been truly transformative. As someone dedicated to serving successful women in transition, JOYELY's mission deeply resonated with me. My dream of becoming a world-class speaker feels more attainable thanks to the insights gained. The training structure was effective, and facilitators created an environment where I felt seen and heard. In essence, JOYELY has equipped me with a deeper understanding of joy and its transformative power. I'm grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing this journey of transformation and impact as I strive to become an expert in joy.

Deborah Roth

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

Sheryl's talk, "Pioneering Emotional Expertise for Global Change," was a pure golden experience. Her energy and grace, even when facing technical challenges, left a lasting impression. The information she shared was a wonderful mix of excitement and insight, and it was evident that her message touched people deeply, helping them discover their ability to access joy within themselves. Sheryl's speech was truly transformative and inspiring.

Terese Parkin

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

The Chair of Joy has changed my life! I had that Joy inside and have practiced the COJ to unleash it!

Kitty Rowell

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

The Certification is an accelerated addition that profoundly transforms lives, fostering a supportive environment filled with enthusiasm, commitment, and compassion for JOYELY leaders. The structure is superb, complementing a lifetime of training, and the utilization of the universal language is impactful, reaching the heart directly. Before, I felt uptight and overwhelmed, but now I am committed to living with passion, joy, and love, embodying the change I wish to see. I am excited to integrate JOYELY principles into my business and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact it will have.

Rachel Vasquez

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

The journey through the Certified Joyely Ambassador program has been nothing short of transformative. As a widow empowerment coach and grief to resilience expert, I entered this program with high expectations filled with excitement to bring a practice into my clients life that will allow them to align, ground and shift. I can confidently say that it exceeded them all. The structure of the training was meticulously planned, blending scientific studies with practical applications seamlessly. Each session was a treasure trove of knowledge, guiding us through the intricacies of Joyely principles with clarity and depth. But what truly set this program apart was the sense of community it fostered. From the moment I joined, I felt welcomed into a supportive network of like-minded individuals, all passionate about spreading joy and empowerment. What surprised me the most during this certification process was the profound self-discovery it facilitated. Delving into the core of Joyely principles, I unearthed new layers of my dreams and aspirations. Armed with the transformative Chair of Joy practice, I am confident in my ability to empower others to unlock their fullest potential and embrace joy in every aspect of their lives.

Lynn Whitbeck

Certified JOYELY Ambassador

The Certified JOYELY Training has been a catalyst for me, both personally and professionally. Before, I considered myself well-versed in JOYELY, however, the training provided me with expanded insight. The training included deepening my comprehension of the scientific benefits of embracing joy in my life and for everyone on the planet. In 60 seconds or less, you can reframe and shift your perspective positively to more productivity and tranquility. The Chair of Joy experience works for everyone, and especially for the business owners and entrepreneurs I work with. In a world filled with competition and greed, JOYELY offers a compelling alternative centered around love, strength, and personal growth. It's a concept the world desperately needs, now more than ever. Being part of the JOYELY Beta Group was an honor and privilege. It enhanced my commitment to sharing the power of joy to transform your life and the world.